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Nova Stargate Apartment Hotel Melbourne by Jessica Thomson

This building is one of the most contemporary kinds of constructions in the Melbourne city. With one and two room apartments available, the nova stargate apartment hotel is one of the best choices for accommodation in the Melbourne city.

The location of the nova stargate is quite convenient for people who have come to explore the city. Located in the heart of the city, this place is located between Franklin Street, Elizabeth Street and the tram stop of the city circle. With the famous queen Victoria market being 5 mins walking distance from this place, the location of this hotel becomes quite strategic for the tourists. The central shopping and the main railway station of the Melbourne city is also at a short distance. In short nova stargate apartment hotel is the perfect accommodation option for tourists as well as business travelers.

The nova stargate provides with 4 kinds of apartments to its guests. The cheapest being a standard room. One can also book a one bedroom apartment as well as a one bedroom executive apartment. The option for a luxury two bedroom apartment is also available at the nova stargate. The rooms at this Budget Hotel are quite well equipped and are loaded with many modern facilities to provide the guests with utmost luxury and comfort. Among the standard equipments comes a kitchenette. However this facility is only available in the standard apartment. Other facilities available in the room includes a reverse cycle air conditioning facility, a cable television, voice mail and access to the data port via telephone which makes use of internet easy. The room also has other basic facilities like coffee and tea making facility, iron and ironing board, hairdryer etc. the rooms also provide their guests with an in room safe to keep their valuables safe.

The over all ambience of this Cheap Melbourne Hotel is also very good. The service is excellent while the hospitality is very warm. The staff is very helpful and more than happy to guide the guests with their knowledge about the city. The hotel provides its guests with many services. Some of the basic services provided by the hotel includes a 24 hour reception, an excellent restaurant, dry cleaning facility and laundry facility. The hotel also has a fitness room and sauna. With the conference hall and the security parking facility, this place is one of the best places to stay in Melbourne.

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A home away from home - Melbourne apartments. by Alice Campbell

Expat around the world sometime find it difficult to relocate, especially if they are from a different culture and they are unaware of the rules and regulations of the municipal organizations of the country they have been transferred to. If you are looking to rent a fully furnished apartment in Melbourne, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. There are numerous Melbourne apartments and Melbourne serviced apartments which cater to the requirements of the business people who are visiting Melbourne for short or long period.

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and happens to be the second largest metropolis in Australia. The Melbourne serviced apartments are the most prevalent types of accommodation in Melbourne and the most common forms of accommodation throughout Australia. The Melbourne apartments and Melbourne serviced apartments are in premium CBD locations dotted throughout the entire city.

There is a wide variety to choose from. The Melbourne serviced apartments are in residential buildings comprising of studio apartments and one, two or three bedroom apartments. They are fully furnished with linen, furniture, cutlery, crockery, electrical equipment like microwaves, dishwashers and driers. The service in the Melbourne serviced apartments varies according to the contract that you have signed or according to the owner's set-up.

The service is usually offered twice or thrice a week. However, if you are lucky, you may get the benefits of an everyday service. The Melbourne apartments are quite popular with the families, couples or singles. They are especially well-liked by the corporate travelers who are in the city on an extended stay. The Melbourne apartments are rented at prices that are much below the standard hotel tariffs, moreover they are like homes and the hospitality is unmatched and service is superb.

There is a plethora of Melbourne serviced apartments and Melbourne apartments available but you have to be cautious and evaluate the strategic locations and the rent offered by them. Before opting for any apartment, conduct thorough research on the internet. Your property agent can also help you, if you are already in Melbourne. The property agents have all the information and they can guide you well in choosing the Melbourne serviced apartments.

However, remember they work on commission basis and the owner of the Melbourne apartments has to pay them one month of rent in advance. Thus the owner prefers if you approach him directly, since in this case he doesn't have to pay commission and the profit is not marred. If you are a single, then you should opt for the Melbourne serviced apartments which are near your office or business establishment. If you are visiting Melbourne for a longer time and have the family with you, then going for Melbourne apartments that have bedrooms would be a wise idea.

Living in a hotel can be an expensive affair if you are staying in the city for a stretched period of time. The Melbourne serviced apartments and the Melbourne apartments are there to rescue you and your company from this problem since not only they are money savers, they provide supreme level of facilities and security, too.

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If you wish to seek for a home away from home, then Melbourne apartments will offer you the same emotion. Also come and take a look at our trendy and cozy Melbourne serviced apartments.

About the Author

If you wish to seek for a home away from home, then Melbourne apartments will offer you the same emotion. Also come and take a look at our trendy and cozy Melbourne serviced apartments.


Enjoy living comfortably in the Melbourne serviced apartments. by Alice Campbell

Melbourne is Australia's second largest metropolis. It is the city never sleeps and it boasts of an exhilarating nightlife, stunning views of the city, a paradise for food lovers and a great place to shop. Melbourne has a diverse variety of accommodation like boutique hotels and holiday apartments. But Melbourne serviced apartments are a class apart. These serviced apartments are also offered on short term rentals. You can enjoy your time and business in Melbourne without worrying much about the usual chores of the day to day life.

Whether you are on a business trip or with a group for an expended period, it is always a welcome to have a space that belongs to you, where you can cook your own meals or whip up a coffee. Opting for short term rentals turns into a blessing in disguise when you don't have to pay $20 for cup of coffee or tea at a café and a kitchen is especially a necessity for families. The Melbourne serviced apartments offer this convenience.

The Melbourne serviced apartments are stylish and they are the most popular choice as far as short term stay is concerned. There are numerous apartments for short term rentals in Melbourne, but when you are choosing accommodation, bear in mind a few points: tt is always a wise idea to choose an apartment that is closer to your business establishment, but apartments that are in the Southbank area have views of the Yarra River and are perhaps the most fashionable and sought after.

The Melbourne serviced apartments have and are everything you could wish for. They are comparable to any 3 star hotel rooms. They are ultimate in home away from home living. The Melbourne serviced apartments come in various sizes, there are studio apartments and apartments that have 1, 2, 3, and at times even up to 4 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. They also have laundry that includes dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Some of the Melbourne serviced apartments come in complexes having gym and swimming pool facilities. You can even find basketball or tennis courts.

The practice of taking the fully furnished apartments on short term rentals was once the domain of the business executives who were temporarily relocating. However, this is also spreading amongst the travelers who are in the city only for leisure. It also makes sense to opt for the apartments on short term rentals when the hotel prices go up during the peak tourist season.

Renting a well equipped place in the correct location is an important task. You must conduct a lot of research as there are numerous listings on the internet. The only word for the whole exercise is - proceed with caution. The majority of the agencies of the Melbourne serviced apartments require you to pay a month's rent in advance. The cancellation penalties can be stringent. Therefore before you start searching for the apartments on short term rentals, identify the points that could make or mar your trip or business opportunity. Basically you need to have a sense of adventure mixed with flexibility.

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Australian Real Estate Investment & the Sydney Housing Market

When it comes to the Australian housing market it is safe to say that it has been one of the best investments for international investors in recent years. There are some impressive real estate figures coming out of Sydney and the reason is down to the fact that Australia recently went through a housing boom. The situation has slowed down slightly now but prices and demand for Australian housing, especially in the Sydney area has remained strong according to news reports in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The aspect of the Australian housing market that is overshadowing everything else at the moment however is the rental market. Increased mortgage rates meant less investment in buy-to-let, which resulted in less availability and proportionally higher demand, resulting in higher rents and subsequently a higher cost of living. This doesn't however mean that people have stopped or are going to stop purchasing property in the Sydney area, especially as interest rates are on the way down again.

Even though in recent years the overall housing market in Australia, and the rest of the world, has experienced some bleak times; there is little doubt that it has a strong future. This is because people will always need somewhere to live and Sydney, as I have previously mentioned, is one of the most in demand areas when it comes to the Australian real estate market.

The real estate within Sydney is diverse and the population is quite spread out, even though it is one of the most densely populated cities in Australia. It is an extremely desirable place for people to purchase property and currently some of the most popular buying opportunities in the property market revolve around inner city Sydney apartments. This is because these properties are considered to be significantly undervalued when they are compared to the surrounding suburbs.

Even though Sydney real estate is now considered to be the most expensive of all the Australian capital cities, according to a 2008 Global Property Guide report; you can still pick up a comparative bargain, such as the inner city apartments mentioned above.

Property values in the Sydney area have shown little in the way of growth over the past five years but the one thing Sydney is demonstrating is some fantastic buying opportunities. This is true whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced buyer.

By Hugh McInnes

Overseas buyers interested in Australian investment property can gain local insight by taking advantage of the help available from Australian real estate agents.

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Finding an Accommodation Brisbane

Selecting the Perfect Lodgings for Your Brisbane Holiday

As you go about the task of planning your own Brisbane holiday, you obviously will want to spend the time considering your different Brisbane accommodation options. Through this article you are provided with some useful tips and pointers to assist you in coming up with the best possible Brisbane accommodation options when it comes to your upcoming Brisbane holiday.

Many people in this day and age who are preparing to shove off on a Brisbane holiday find themselves traveling on a budget. Indeed, budget conscious travelers absolutely are the norm in this day and age. The kind of traveler who cares little about saving money is a rare bird today. Therefore, if you are planning a Brisbane holiday on a budget, when it comes to Brisbane accommodation options, you actually will have a number of affordable options to chose from.

For example, if you will be traveling with your family on a Brisbane holiday, there are a variety of lodging options that are geared specifically for families on holiday. These types of Brisbane accommodation options complete with a variety of family friendly amenities. Moreover, special attention is paid to making sure that the room costs associated with these properties are kept at a moderate level for families on the go.

Families are not the only types of travelers who desire to try and save some money on their Brisbane holiday travels. Many times students are eager travelers to Australia. These young people oftentimes include a Brisbane holiday on their itineraries. With that in mind, there are a variety of affordable Brisbane accommodation options available to students traveling, including youth hostels and lower rate hotels that are perfect solutions. These lodgings are safe, secure, clean and completely affordable – perfect Brisbane accommodation options for students who are on a trip of a lifetime.

Finally, perhaps a Brisbane holiday is the cards for you and your significant other. If that is the case, you may be trying to find ways that you can make your own Brisbane holiday as affordable as possible. Once again, by taking a close look at your Brisbane accommodation options, you will be able to find nicely appointed lodgings that will not cost you an arm and a leg. You will have plenty of money left over after dealing with the reasonable costs of comfortable a Brisbane accommodation to use on taking in the sites and sounds associated with your once in a lifetime Brisbane holiday.

You need not stress yourself in searching for reasonable prices Brisbane accommodation options. The fact is that through the Internet and World Wide Web you literally can plan all aspects of your Brisbane holiday from the comfort of your own home in no time at all. Using the Net as a means of pulling together your Brisbane holiday, you can book a flight to Australia and you can reserve your Brisbane accommodation. Moreover, you can even make reservations for different types of activities to partake in while on your Brisbane holiday online and, again, from the comfort of your own home and in no time at all.

By Remy

To know more about Brisbane Accommodation and everything you can do during your Brisbane Holiday feel free to visit our site.

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Rambutan, Sydney

Rambutan, Sydney

The restaurant leads by Khun Mai Busayarat , a chef from the South of Thailand , the region offers you the spiciest cuisine in Thailand. But no worries, Khun Mai adjusts her original recipes to line between Thai authenticity and the tats of Aussie’s taste.

Let me advice you not to miss Pla Nuang - a piece of steamed blue-eye trevalla served with a raft of sugar cane and a clear soup flavoured with dill and turmeric. The-salt- and pepper squid, Som Tam, and Tom Kha are to die for. For the drinks you should try the Samui Sazerac - a blend of Cognac, peach and Peychaud’s bitters, vanilla sugar and Laphroaig whisly and the Honey Soda Gin Gin (Plymouth,honey, lemonm soda and Ginger beer).

Rambutan (licensed)
96 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, New Sourth Wales
Main dishes from $18.

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ArticleBase Presents: Beginners guide to buying a new home in Australia

By: Andrea Patterson

Buying Property in the major cities of Australia is doubtlessly an intelligent decision for those who want to buy investment property. As a beginner if you want to buy property for the first time in Australia, remember this task is somewhat daunting and must be done with proper planning. Some homework with little planning and clear understanding matters most with the decision of buying a house of your own in Australia.

Before you start looking for the house of your dreams, it is always a good idea to sketch a plan of how large the house should be, where it should be located and how much it may cost you. Then, assess your financial capacity to see whether you can afford the required finance. A clean assessment of your financial strength will surely give you an idea of what price range you can afford. Keep in mind the additional ongoing costs, which you need to bear when you own a house such as tax rates, insurance etc.

Work out how much money you have for the deposit. These days when it comes to borrowing money to purchase property, your current levels of debt, living expenses, credit card bills will be taken into account and in real way this should be less than or equal to around 30% of gross income.

You can buy property or home units directly from the private owners or through real estate agents. Although, you can purchase house or buy land, taking the help of private sales, but working in Australia recommends that, you find and buy a home through Real Estate Institute of Australia. You can also go through some newspapers featuring real estate properties that will guide you regarding how to buy land and purchase property wisely.

Nowadays, you will come across many online calculators that can assist you in providing an idea of what the lender may lend you to buy property. You can also take the help of banks and mortgage providers who are helpful enough in guiding you to choose from the available loan products with different schemes and current interest rates. Remember there are a plenty of loan schemes available in the market and here you really need to decide which one fits your needs. The loan should be payable and should allow you to make extra repayments at no additional costs.

Next arises, the question of proper planning. Before you set out to hunt for the house of your dream, do your homework thoroughly. Think about what you need at home; see whether it has greater accessibility to places of importance. Take into consideration how many rooms you need, whether proximity to places of importance is necessary or whether you are prepared to do renovations on your property in near future.

Once you have found the house of your dreams, you can sit for negotiating procedure to purchase house. The next thing you can do is to consult your legal adviser. Your lawyer should check the contract and make sure it contains all required documentation, terms and conditions. Both you and the seller must preserve a copy of the contract and once both parties have agreed to any changes, the contract will be exchanged.

The final step in the house buying process is settlement. This is when the buyer pays the balance of the agreed purchase price and in return, the title deeds of the property are transferred from the seller to the buyer. Finally, the lender holds the title deeds until the loan is repaid.

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Bendigo Real Estate

Bendigo real estate is increasingly popular with a train journey to Melbourne taking as little as 1hr and 24 mins. By road the journey is 149 kms. It is increasingly a favourable option as residential property prices in Melbourne become less attainable.

Bendigo is a major regional centre in Victoria Australia which takes in the towns and rural areas of the Loddon region. Historically a manufacturing region the rural city has grown to a population of approximately 97,000 with strong real estate, health, education, and retail sectors.

Bendigo real estate remains affordable when compared to other Victorian centres with a median house price of $225,000. The 12 month trend to January 2008 showed an 11.6% increase in prices, 43% Auction clearance rate and average 93 days on the market for private sales.

While the capital growth in Bendigo Real Estate is still favourable, figures from the Valuer General Victoria would indicate it to have slowed in recent years. Those figures show median house prices in 2002 at $147,000 (2262 sales); 2003 at $180,000 (2140 sales); 2004 at $198,000 (2008 sales); 2005 at $207,000 (1915 sales) and in 2006 at $213,500 (700 sales). Buyers should be aware that these prices are median prices only. Bendigo properties currently range in price from around $50,000 for a small development block to upwards of $1,000,000 for some of the more sought after and grand historic properties.

Bendigo Rental prices begin around $160 per week for a three bedroom house up to $500 for some of the commercial rentals listed and available in January 2008.

There are number of Bendigo Real Estate agents who deal in residential, commercial, businesses, rentals and vacant land sales.

Bendigo Real Estate Agents represent sales in the Greater Bendigo and reginoal suburbs and districts of Ascot, Avonmore, Axedale, Axe Creek, Bagshot, Bagshot North, Barnadown, Bendigo, Big Hill, California Gully, Costerfield, Derrinal, Drummartin, Eaglehawk, Eaglehawk North, East Bendigo, Elmore, Emu Creek, Eppalock, Epsom, Flora Hill, Fosterville, Golden Gully, Golden Square, Goornong, Harcourt North, Heathcote, Hunter, Huntly, Huntly North, Ironbark, Jackass Flat, Junortoun, Kamarooka, Kangaroo Flat, Kennington, Kimbolton, Knowsley, Lake Eppalock, Leichardt, Lockwood, Lockwood South, Long Gully, Longlea, Lyell, Maiden Gully, Mandurang, Mandurang South, Marong, Mia Mia, Mt Camel, Myers Flat, Myrtle Creek, Neilborough, North Bendigo, Quarry Hill, Ravenswood, Raywood, Redcastle, Redesdale, Sailors Gully, Sebastian, Sedgwick, Shelbourne, Spring Gully, Spring Plains, Strathdale, Strathfieldsaye, Toolleen, Wellsford, West Bendigo, Whipstick, White Hills, Wilsons Hill and Woodvale.

Property vendors may also choose to sell their property privately without the using an agent. There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach which the vendor should consider. If considering selling your property privately these are some of the factors you will need to consider

1. Research the market and price your property accordingly

2. Consider your marketing strategy and costs, for example place an ad on the Bendigo website

3. Ensure your property is well presented during the sale period

4. Consider small ads in newspapers including at least one web page your property is listed on with images

5. Contact a solicitor or conveyancer to prepare the legal transfer documents

6. Provide an information sheet for potential buyers which details your properties features, land dimensions, council rates, water rates and other relevant information.

Finally, enjoy Bendigo, it is a great place to live, play and do business.

By Jamie Horne

Bendigo Real Estate and property and data you need when considering buying and selling in Bendigo Victoria Australia. Jamie Horne is the webmaster of the Bendigo website

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Residential Investment Property Advice for Sydney Buyers

When investing in residential property one of the key factors to consider is your net return on monies invested. This will be a primary indicator on whether or not to proceed.

To assess the net return you will have to compare it with the average returns for similar properties. Too low a return may mean that alternative investments should be reviewed, while a very high relative yield may mean there is an accompanying risk factor that is higher than normal.

Please remember areas that produce lower yields predominately have a higher capital gain and at the end of the day that is what its all about when investing your money in property.

The yield is calculated by starting with the purchase price. This is the denominator. The numerator is your net yearly income.

To figure out the net income you take your yearly gross rent and subtract your outgoings. Outgoings for residential properties include your managerial fees paid to the letting agent, council and water rates for the year, estimated repairs and maintanence and land tax if applicable.

You should set aside a yearly amount for repairs and maintenance, since big expenses occur periodically and not necessarily yearly.

When investing in property plan to hold the property a minimum of five to seven years. This accounts for economic cycles and changing conditions.

Rental returns are still on the increase due to short supply of investors, particularly within 20km to the Sydney CBD. Several leading commentators of the real estate market have spoken out recently regarding this issue.

Steve Martin, President of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales has spoken recently in the media about the rental crisis and has called for changes to taxation for property investors.

With winter here buyers are probably thinking let's hibernate until spring time, well don't. I have always found that in winter it is usually the vendors that have to sell putting their properties up for sale.

With a downturn in the market, and in most cases less competition through this period, you could be looking at a three to five percent difference in your purchase price, maybe even more.

There is no doubt that during winter you have a little less variety to choose from than you would during spring, but it is still worth getting out there.

Please remember buyers by the time you search, negotiate and settle your property you are looking at a minimum of around four to six months. If you need to sell a property you could even be looking at longer. So make sure you plan way ahead when you are buying and selling.

By Peter Kelaher

Peter Kelaher is the Managing Director of PK Property, a firm of Sydney Buyers Advocates catering for Sydney home buyers.

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Cobourg Peninsula

Located at the top north of the Northern Territory, Cobourg Peninsula is a home of Aboriginal-owned Garig Gunak Barlu Nation Park and the Cobourg Marine Nation Park. If you want to fish or explore the wilderness or cast yourself away from craziness of the city, this is your place. The peninsula reflects some of Australia’s unique traces of the past. You will see the beautiful culture and the people’s way of life.

Permission is required by driving but you can opt for the easier option by chartering a plane. Choose to stay at Peppers Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge or at the old residence of the head of lighthouse keeper at Cape Don.


107 George Street, The Rocks

Managed and controlled the taste by one of Australia’s best chefs -Neil Perry, the restaurant is one of the most stunning of the Sydney dining scene. The restaurant serves up the best Euro/Asian fusion food in Australia. Main dishes start from $45. Don’t miss Pan fried bar rockcod fillet with “classic baked tomato, eggplant caviar, bay zucchini and basil oil. Date Tart is also worth to try.

Ten of the best value vines under $10

Ten of the best value vines under $10

If you have a chance to visit Australia, look for vines listed below. Below are ten of the best value wines under $10 which James Halliday has selected ten of the best value wines in James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion (2004). James Halliday is Australia‘s most respected wine guru. He spends his time traveling, researching and tasting wine in all major wine producing countries. You can find them in wine cellars across Australia or leading supermarkets like Coles or Woolwoth (Safeway in Victoria).

Ten of the best value whites under $10

De Bortoli Sacred Hill Colombard Chardonnay
De Bortoli Sacred Hill Traminer Riesling
Angoves’s Butterfly Rodge Colombard Chardonnay
Yalumba Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc
Yokain Vineyard Estate Unwood Chardonnay
Orlando Jacob’s Creek Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
Lindernans Bin 75 Riesling
Lindermans Bin 65 Chardonnay
Jindalee Estate Chardonay
Easglehawk Riesling

Ten of the best value reds under $10

De Bortoli Sacred Hill cabernet Merlot
De Bortolli Montage Cabernet Merlot
Lindermans Bin 40 Merlot
Zilzie Buloke Reserve Sangiovese
Zilzie Buloke Reserve Petit Verdot
Yalumbea Y Series Merlot
Penfold Rawson;s Retreat Cabarnet Shiraz
Toorak Willandra Estate Shiraz
De Bortoli Deen Durif

My brother brought me Lindermans Bin 40 Merlot and Yalumbea Y Series Merlot
which he got them from Coles in the city of Melbourne. What James Halliday suggested in his book was right. The taste of Lindermans Bin 40 Merlot was not bad comparing with its price. Unfortunately, I have not tried Yalumbea Y Series Merlot.