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Enjoy living comfortably in the Melbourne serviced apartments. by Alice Campbell

Melbourne is Australia's second largest metropolis. It is the city never sleeps and it boasts of an exhilarating nightlife, stunning views of the city, a paradise for food lovers and a great place to shop. Melbourne has a diverse variety of accommodation like boutique hotels and holiday apartments. But Melbourne serviced apartments are a class apart. These serviced apartments are also offered on short term rentals. You can enjoy your time and business in Melbourne without worrying much about the usual chores of the day to day life.

Whether you are on a business trip or with a group for an expended period, it is always a welcome to have a space that belongs to you, where you can cook your own meals or whip up a coffee. Opting for short term rentals turns into a blessing in disguise when you don't have to pay $20 for cup of coffee or tea at a café and a kitchen is especially a necessity for families. The Melbourne serviced apartments offer this convenience.

The Melbourne serviced apartments are stylish and they are the most popular choice as far as short term stay is concerned. There are numerous apartments for short term rentals in Melbourne, but when you are choosing accommodation, bear in mind a few points: tt is always a wise idea to choose an apartment that is closer to your business establishment, but apartments that are in the Southbank area have views of the Yarra River and are perhaps the most fashionable and sought after.

The Melbourne serviced apartments have and are everything you could wish for. They are comparable to any 3 star hotel rooms. They are ultimate in home away from home living. The Melbourne serviced apartments come in various sizes, there are studio apartments and apartments that have 1, 2, 3, and at times even up to 4 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. They also have laundry that includes dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Some of the Melbourne serviced apartments come in complexes having gym and swimming pool facilities. You can even find basketball or tennis courts.

The practice of taking the fully furnished apartments on short term rentals was once the domain of the business executives who were temporarily relocating. However, this is also spreading amongst the travelers who are in the city only for leisure. It also makes sense to opt for the apartments on short term rentals when the hotel prices go up during the peak tourist season.

Renting a well equipped place in the correct location is an important task. You must conduct a lot of research as there are numerous listings on the internet. The only word for the whole exercise is - proceed with caution. The majority of the agencies of the Melbourne serviced apartments require you to pay a month's rent in advance. The cancellation penalties can be stringent. Therefore before you start searching for the apartments on short term rentals, identify the points that could make or mar your trip or business opportunity. Basically you need to have a sense of adventure mixed with flexibility.

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